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Available Puppies

Skye’s beautiful F1B micro Goldendoodle litter is here! Born 5/13/22. She had 8 adorable puppies. 5 little boys and 3 little girls. We are so excited to have 5 gorgeous black pups. This is a very rare color for Goldendoodles and so so shiny and pretty! These pups are currently charting to be approximately 6-7lb. It is very special to have an F1B litter be so small. Skye and all puppies are doing great! She is such an amazing mama. Please message or call us for more info on Skye’s tiny micro doodles. 😊

Our beautiful red toy poodle boy is available now! We were so excited to use this sweet guy as a stud dog for our program. Much to our disappointment he will not work for breeding. He is however already neutered, up to date on all shots, and ready to be the perfect pet! His birthday is 11/01/2020. So at just a year and a half young he is full grown at 5.5lb, but still has tons of puppy in him! He really is perfect poodle quality. $2200

If you’re interested in reserving, simply visit our Get Started page to start the process of getting your very own Petite Posh Puppy.  🙂