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Stud Service

Stud Program Details

  •  Our Stud fees range from $800-$2200 depending on specific stud.
  • Stud fee is based on all puppies being sold on a strict spay/neuter contract.
  • If you wish to keep a puppy/puppies for breeding purposes you may do so for a fee.
  • Stud fee is due before first breeding or Al collection/shipment.
  • Dam owner is responsible for any and all expenses incurred for any veterinary procedures, reproductive services, and or medical treatment required for the above dam while being bred, as well as any and all expenses incurred with an Al breeding, such as collection, vet expenses, and shipping.
  • In the case of Al, up to 2 samples of fresh chilled semen will be provided. Shipping expenses will be the responsibility of the dam owner for each shipment.
  • Dam must be genetically tested
  • A brucellosis test is required prior to natural breeding
  • Two live puppies constitute a litter. Should two live puppies not be produced from the breeding, one free rebreed will be offered.
  • All references to contracted stud must include Petite Posh Puppies