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Cream F1BB Micro Goldendoodle – Bama (SOLD to Ellis – Charlotte, NC)

Bama Forever Home Family Cream Male F1BB Micro Goldendoodle Petite Posh Puppies

Puppy Info

Name: Bama
Type: F1BB Micro Goldendoodle
Gender: Male
Mom: Lyla
Dad: Inky
DOB: 5/17/22
Color: Cream
Size: Currently charting to be only 7lb when grown.
Price: $2950 (SOLD to Ellis – Charlotte, NC)

This little boy stole our hearts from the very beginning! He is the SWEETEST there ever was! We have tried to think of every reason possible for keeping him as a stud for our program. Unfortunately, we just don’t need another stud as we already have two poodles. Anyone that gets to take this tiny fellow home will be so very blessed! He is so tiny to be a Goldendoodle!!!

If you’d like to schedule a FaceTime or Google Meet video call, let us know!  Click here to contact us.  We look forward to meeting you!

The price of a hand-raised Petite Posh Puppy includes:

A custom Petite Posh Puppies go-home bag including:


A 6% sales tax is required for Georgia residents. A 3% convenience fee will be added to all credit/debit card transactions.  A 5% fee will be added to any amount that is financed.

We cannot guarantee size. Our “Currently charting to be weights” are only estimates done using a puppy weight calculator.

Disclaimer* If there are any genetic defects your puppy may have we will cover the cost up to the price of the puppy. Our puppies are adopted as pets with NO BREEDING RIGHTS. However, we have great relationships with fellow breeders and are happy to sell breeding rights to responsible breeding programs.